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Nations Redeemed
24/7 Prayer Watches
29 Aug - 4 Sept '22

For nations in Africa and Europe. Set up a watch on WhatsApp or physically for this 7 day period!

Register to participate:  Be sure to register your group and confirm your participation by sending a WhatsApp message with your name and your group or network’s name, nation and town name, to

Daniël on +27 83 321 6909
or send an email to


Raising up 7-day prayer watches in African and European nations. Encouraging believers in the nations that benefitted from past spiritual investments made by European nations, to pray for revival in these “parent nations”. Challenging believers in the “parent nations” to pray for their “spiritual children”, that African countries will be revived and transformed by the gospel.

The 24/7
Prayer Call

Following the ‘Nations Redeemed’ Europe/Africa prayer seminars held in April 2022 in Cape Town and Pretoria with Siegfried Fritsch from Germany (link), it was strongly felt to continue the prayer process for the nations. This will be done by setting aside a week of 24-7 prayer, thereby linking Africa and Europe in a focused prayer investment.

This resonates with a call from Herrnhut in Germany for nations to join in 24-7 prayer during a six months period from April to October 2022, which celebrates the 300-year anniversary of the joining of Reformation streams from Moravia and Germany in Herrnhut in 1722. This movement was the first modern day implementation of 24-7 prayer, and from that the first global missions movement to reach the nations with the Gospel developed. (More information on the Herrnhut six months 24-7 prayer watch here). This special week of prayer will also coincide with Week 5 of the 24-7 Prayer Initiative for Revival, called “7 Days on the Wall”. (

The strategy

  • To raise up one week of 24-7 prayer from 28 August – 4 September 2022 in as many African
    nations as possible.
  • To connect African countries with the former European colonial powers by means of this prayer
  • To mobilise believers to run 7-day prayer watches around examples of the gospel being
    brought from Europe to Africa during the past centuries.
  • The hope is that this project will lead to future growth in 24-7 prayer in Africa and Europe.

Kingdom stories as our prayer foundation.

The Nations Redeemed prayer seminars showed the importance of building and planting from God’s perspective, of building towards completing divine designs that started with previous
generations and of planting seeds for revival in the nations in future generations.
We will focus on Kingdom stories between European and African nations as our prayer foundation / inspiration for each of the seven days. We will mainly pray about divine processes, future revival and the cleansing of the sins that wrought damage in past seasons.

In the seven days we will focus on the kingdom relationships between the following 14 nations:

    • Netherlands – South Africa
    • Germany – Tanzania
    • France – Lesotho
    • Italy – Eritrea
    • England – Zambia
    • Belgium – DRC

Other African nations, where 24-7 groups will be mobilised and established, will also join aroundthese representative stories used as our prayer focus during the 7 days.

Prayer guide and prayer points:
An information document with prayer points will be made available to all participants. This initiative will be coordinated by Jericho Walls International Prayer Network, supported by Unlimited Prayer Frontiers (South Africa).

Register your
24/7 Watch

For more information:
Whatsapp +27 (0)83 321 6909

Spread the message!

Let us see how many watches we can raise up over the nation of South Africa and in the continents of Africa and Europe. May His kingdom come in the nations!

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