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UPF Prayer Journey to Lesotho

UPF Prayer Journey to Lesotho

Type of ministry trip: Strategic intercession and prayer.

Purpose: To pray for the Basotho nation.

Who may go: Christian born again believers with an interest in prayer and a heart for Lesotho. We also would like to stir local believers with Basotho ancestry to join the team to pray back into their roots. It is essential  that team members should be fit and healthy.

For more information and registration documentation contact:
Pontsho Mokoena

Preparation and training: Participants will have to commit to preparation meetings that will be held on a weekly basis for 5 weeks before leaving for Lesotho. These meetings will be necessary in order to:

  • Build team unity, establish healthy group dynamics, handle administrative and logistical issues related to the journey, receive relevant teachings, research and study information related to Lesotho and receive strategy and guidance from the Holy Spirit in prayer.
  • These preparation meetings are non-optional as it is essential for the success of the team.