Germany at a Glance Booklet


Information about the nation of Germany, compiled by UPFSA for prayer tours to Germany. Contents of the booklet include:

  1. Prophetic information
    • God loves Germany
    • Prophetic words over Germany
  2. The country
    • Welcome to Germany!
    • Landscapes and cities
    • The River Rhine
    • A wealth of culture
    • Innovation and research
    • Cosmopolitan
    • Economic strength
    • Politics
    • Character
    • Spiritual condition
    • Key dates in Germany’s history – timeline
  3. Additional research
    • Germanic origins
    • Integration into the Roman Empire
    • Reformation
    • The age of Enlightenment and Romanticism
    • From Pietism to a German ‘Awakening movement’
    • Beginning of a charismatic movement in Germany
    • From the Holy Roman Empire to the German Empire
    • The Third Reich
    • The Holocaust
    • Germany in recent times
    • The coventry litany of reconciliation
    • Communism
    • Communism in East Germany
    • Materialism in Germany?