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ROC Prayer Project

Redeem Our City
Prayer Process for Urban Areas

The Pretoria Prayer Force (PPF) devoted themselves to set up a prayer process to intercede more effectively and systematically for their city. PPF developed a model from Scripture by which long term prayer could be mobilised among believers in a town / city in order to thoroughly pray focused prayers for their city/town as a whole.

PPF launched this city wide prayer project for Pretoria / Tshwane in 2015 under the banner of the “REDEEM OUR CITY” prayer process. Born again believers from all denominational backgrounds are thereby invited to participate in projects that will run over many years to pray strategically and corporately for issues that spiritually influence their town/city.

In Pretoria / Tshwane we have already completed seven city wide projects to pray into the foundations (2016), temple elements (2016), the gates (2017), the walls (2018) and the waters (2019), the trees (2021) and the streets (2022 & 2023). In late 2024 will see the launch of several prayer teams that would pray for the “highways and outer gates” of the city. The purpose of the ROC Initiative is to provide a fresh approach to believers to effectively pray for their towns/cities. ROC is already being implemented in other urban areas in South Africa to re-invigorate intercessors in continuing their prayer commitment for their own towns/cities until transformation and revival becomes a reality for their areas. 

ROC 8 dates are set out below:

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The following booklets for the ROC process is available from our office for Pretoria / Tshwane intercessors or for believers in other towns that would want to do a ROC process for their city / town:

  • Introduction document
  • ROC1 – The Foundations
  • ROC2 – The Temple
  • ROC3 – The Gates
  • ROC4 – The Walls
  • ROC5 – The Waters
  • ROC6 – The Trees
  • ROC7 – The Streets 

Prayer Project 8:
‘Highways / Outer Gates’

The ROC project has been an innovative and revelatory process over the past 8 years. This has activated renewed vigour and fresh fire in the prayer mobilised around the Heavenly Jerusalem city model that we have been working with these past seasons. We urge you to join this dynamic and exciting approach.

We will start with our study phase for the ROC8 in 2024 and will launch the initiative in the middle of 2024. As always an initiative booklet will then be made available so that teams can prepare to go out on 9 August 2024 and pray at the strategic locations around our city. Please diarise the following important dates:

  • ROC6 Information Session – Saturday, 1 June 2024 at 09H00. Venue will be announced. Meeting will also accommodate Zoom participation. Prayer teams will be formed on this day.
  • 2 June – 8 August 2024 – Teams will organise a minimum of 4 preparation meetings during these weeks.
  • ROC8 Prayer Action in the city – 9 August 2024 from 09h00.